Aqua Communications, Inc.
SnakeEye™ - helped the rescue in World Trade Center tragedy
A Low-Cost Hand-Held Remote Video Inspection System

Waltham, MA -- Spetember 19, 2001
Aqua Communications, Incorporated, a Waltham, Massachusetts based company donated 25 of its SnakeEye™ portable video inspection tools along with a number of accessories to aid in the rescue effort at the World Trade Center.
Aqua enlisted the aid of former congressional candidate, Max Kennedy to assure that the equipment would get to the World Trade Center site as soon as possible. Mr. Kennedy picked up the rescue equipment late on the evening of September 11th and drove to the site, arriving early the next morning. Kennedy passed through many roadblocks on the strength of his family name to reach ground zero. According to Kennedy, some of the rescue personnel were familiar with the SnakeEye™ , having used it in the past and immediately put them to use. One of the rescue personnel said, "The SnakeEye™ was the best rescue camera available" and expressed his gratitude to Aqua for the timely donation.
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