These are some actual SnakeEye users, their applications and their comments.


My name is Officer John Utsey. I am a correction officer and am located in New York City and I work at:
Rikers Island
Eric M. Taylor Center
10-10 Hazen Street
Elmhurst, NY 11370

This is just one of the facilities on Rikers Island. The SnakeEye is also used at the other facilities.

Just to let you know, part of my duties as a correction officer is to search for and find contraband (drugs, weapons, etc.). I have a lot of improvised, handmade, store bought search tools in my arsenal that I use for searches. I am a 16 year veteran in the department and searching has grown to be my specialty and my love, some may say. It has gotten to the point that inmates just tell me where the contraband is before I look, just to get it over with. My point is that your SnakeEye has taken my search arsenal and skills to a higher level. I can now search deeper then before and go only where I could only feel with my hand. I have found contraband in spots that appeared empty over the years. Inmates take time to discover new techniques of concealment and camouflage of contraband and this tool has brought me up to and possibly beyond that level. Thank you for manufacturing something that will make my last four years worth working and even more interesting.