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Image Part Number Discription
Display Unit RP-01 Display Unit for SnakeEye II
RP-01-03 Display Unit for SnakeEye III
RP-02 LED Camera
IR Camera RP-02-IR IR Camera
4 Foot Cable RP-03 4 Foot Cable
Rigid Wand Adapter RP-04 Rigid Wand Adapter
3 Foot  Wand RP-04-03 3 Foot Wand
Finger Adapter RP-05 Finger Adapter
Battery Charger RP-07 Battery Charger
A/C Adapter 120V RP-08-01 A/C Adapter 120V
D/C Adapter RP-09 D/C Adapter
Video I/O Cable RP-10 Video I/O Cable for SnakeEye Only (SnakeEye II & III Does Not Need This Item)
Carrying Case RP-11 Carrying Case
Camera Lens Cap RP-12 Camera Lens Cap for SnakeEye (Three in a Pack)
Camera Lens Cap RP-12-1 Camera Lens Cap for SnakeEye II (One in a Pack)
Switching Power Supply RP-14 Switching Power Supply
A/C Power Cord for Japan RP-15J A/C Power Cord for Japan
A/C Power Cord for European RP-15E A/C Power Cord for European
A/C Power Cord for U. K. RP-15U A/C Power Cord for United Kindom
A/C Power Cord for Australia RP-15A A/C Power Cord for Australian
RP-16 Universal AC Adapter with International Wall Plug
RP-17 IP 68 Kit for SnakeEye III
C-Mount Camera OA-01 C-Mount Camera
Gooseneck Adapter OA-02 Gooseneck Adapter
30 Foot Extension Cable OA-03 30 Foot Extension Cable
100 Foot Extension Cable OA-03-100 100 Foot Extension Cable
Battery Pack (2) OA-04 Battery Pack (Two in a Pack)
Neck Strap OA-05 Neck Strap
Sun Shield OA-06 Sun Shield
Telescoping Pole 2' - 4' OA-07-2 Telescoping Pole 2' to 4'
Telescoping Pole 4' - 7' OA-07-4 Telescoping Pole 4' to 7'
Telescoping Pole 6' - 11' OA-07-6 Telescoping Pole 6' to 11'
Telescoping Pole 8' - 15' OA-07-8 Telescoping Pole 8' to 15'
OA-07-23 23 Foot Carbon Fiber Pole
OA-09 EnergyBox Extend Life NiMH Battery Pack
OA-10 Weatherproof Nylon Carry Bag
OA-11 8mm Diameter Miniature Camera Head
OA-12 Side View Adapter for LED Camera Head
FS-01-1000N 5mm X 1000mm Fiberscope Kit
FA-01 5mm Fiberscope 1000mm in Length
FA-02 C-Mount Eye Piece
FA-03 Fiberscope Iluminator
FA-04 90 Degree Mirror
FA-05 Cigarette Adapter
FA-06 Fiberscope Carry Case
FA-07 Iluminator Reflector